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A little about me!


Born in Indonesia, 6 April 1992. Currently Citizen of Singapore.

2011-2014           Student at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore

2013                     Graphic Designer , MINT Museum of Toys (Internship)

2015 - 2019         Multimedia Educator, Wizlearn Technologies, NYGH

2019 - Present    Freelance Illustrator and Multimedia specialist

As an illustrator, my art style if a fusion of both western and eastern cartoon styles, particularly Disney animations and Japanese manga and anime style. I personally take a liking to drawing and designing human characters, and also designing environments for my comics.


I took up animation while I studied in NAFA, and it is indeed a joy to be able to bring my own illustrations and characters to life to tell my stories to the world. 


For more information on my skillset and experiences, please download My Resume!




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